Web Design Trends for 2013

Web Design and what to expect in 2013:

So you think that we’re ahead of the schedule here? No, this is really the time when web design trends are predicted for the year to come.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive Web Design is currently on top of the list and this technique is definitely here to stay. 2013 is (will be) the proof that RWD isn’t just a fad.


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Responsive Web Design Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies – Smashing Magazine

via Responsive Web Design Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies – Smashing Magazine.

Responsive Design Techniques

CSS Transitions and Media Queries
Elliot Jay Stocks provides insight into the combination of CSS media queries and CSS transitions. The basic premise is this: you use media queries to design responsive websites that adapt in layout according to browser width, and you constantly resize your browser to see how the website performs, but every time a query kicks in, there’s a harsh jump between the first style and the second. Why not use some simple CSS transitions to smooth the jump by animating the resize? A nice case study.

Responsive-design-116 in Responsive Web Design Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies


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LukeW | Web App Masters: Design Principles

via LukeW | Web App Masters: Design Principles.

At the Web App Masters Tour in Minneapolis MN, Jared Spool described the importance of design principles, how teams can develop them, and evaluate if they’ll be effective. Here are my notes from his The Essential Principles behind Great Design Principles presentation:

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Is it really necessary to validate the code?

It’s the mania of those who tend to perfection and write the code with almost a maniacal accuracy,  to see the green  check mark that indicates that the code of the web page newly developed passed the validation control. But what does validating a code mean? And why is convenient validate the code? And yet, is it always necessary to pass the validation or there can be some exceptions?

First things first, in this article we’ll try to answer to all the interrogatives posted and with which many developers find themselves facing everyday.

What does writing a valid or standard code mean?

Let’s starting saying what is meant for “writing a valid or standard code“.

A bit of history

There’s an international no-profit organization, composed of a group of experts that have been working years on standardizing the languages and technologies for the web. Such organization is called  World Wide Web Consortium (or W3C).

The web standards

The W3C in the course of the years has established the standards that have the task to define the syntax and the markers (tag) to use in the creation of  any kind of web document. Therefore following these standards  web contents are more usable to all the users regardless the type of browser used and in some cases (if even the accessibility guidelines are respected) also by the interpreter in use (for example, normal browsers, browsers based on devices of vocal syntax, mobile phones, personal computers for auto, etc.)

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10 ways to make Internet Explorer act like a modern browser

ike many other web developers, I definitely hate Internet Explorer, especially the version 6. At a time where new and powerful techniques as such as HTML5 and CSS3 are emerging, it’s not surprising that IE can’t handle them correctly. Luckily, a few tricks can make your life easier.

Enable HTML5 on IE

Ever heard about HTML5? If you’re interested in web development, there’s no doubt about it. For those who doesn’t know, HTML5 is the next major revision of HTM; the core markup language of the World Wide Web.
Most modern browser can already handle, at least partially, the new HTML5 recommendations. But as Internet Explorer isn’t well known for its sense of innovation, it will simply ignore the markup.

The html5.js is a very interesting project which aim to make Internet Explorer HTML5 compatible. The only thing you have to do is to embed the html5.js script in your html document header. You can hotlink the script, as shown in the example below:

<!--[if IE]>
// <!--[CDATA[src="]]-->http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script>

» Source : http://remysharp.com/2009/01/07/html5-enabling-script/

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Improve Website Design & Increase Conversions

Website conversion rate is a key marker of your site’s success. Apart from other statistic data, conversion shows the actual numbers of visitors who not only stopped by your site but who completed the desired action a purchase, for instance. Therefore, the higher your conversion rate is, the more profit you get. There are numerous ways to improve conversions but in this article we’ll concentrate on those that deal with website design.

Obviously, a good dress is a card of invitation. But it’s crucial to understand what “good” in our case means. The most stunning design may prove absolutely useless if a user gets lost and shuts down the page. Your aim is to make the site easy to navigate so that the visitor has to complete only a few easy steps to make a purchase.

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Eye-Catching Websites With One-of-a-Kind Navigations For Inspiration

A website is like a magazine where people search for information. The table of contents of a magazine is like the navigation of a website. Table of contents provides an overview of your magazine, while a navigation also shows on what your viewers should expect to see on your website. Both serves as pathways for your viewers on how they can read your mag or explore your website.

Whenever I think of what is the most important task a web designer could do, I always end up thinking that it should be the creation of good navigation. It must be well-designed in a user-friendly manner that the moment the viewer sees it, they instantly understand how it is used and what is it for. A navigation must also be creatively done, it is one of the elements you can find on a website where you can capture a viewer’s attention. Continue reading

Mobile Development Toolkit

Mobile web design has been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, a lot of mobile design guidelines are out of date and focus on low-resolution, non-touchscreen phones. Despite their popularity, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there for designing websites for the new generation of smartphones (iPhone, Android devices, BlackBerry touchscreens, etc.) — these devices are growing more and more popular in Europe and North America.

Below are some fantastic resources for designing not just mobile websites, but smartphone-friendly sites. We’ve covered everything from basics to tutorials to usability. If there are other resources you’ve found useful, please share them in the comments. Continue reading

Be Inspired – Creative Web Interfaces

Here we are, our nineteenth web interface showcase (if you don’t count the special round ups!) Showcasing the latest design trends within the community, this round-up of fresh showcasing e-commerce, blogs and portfolio designs.

We would love to know your feedback on our web interface showcase, how can we can we make them better? What should we not do? Should we have a voting system? Feel free to drop us a tweet with your suggestions or post in the comments below

As always we would love to know which interface is your favourite in the comments.

Please note that clicking on the web interface below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the the rest of the designers full portfolio.

1100+ Well Designed Logos For Your Inspiration

Hello.This is one very big collection.This collection includes more than 1100 very good designed logos.All these logos are done by professional designers.I hope this collection can help to web designers, these logos can give inspiration to designers.All these logos i found on DeviantArt.com so you can go there to find more inspirations, but i think you don’t need it cause in this post you have enough inspirations.