Typing Accent Characters, The Easy Way

We all know the drill: you want to type special characters into an input field, yet you don’t have the characters on your keyboard. You search for the character online, and then copy and paste it into the input field. Next accented character — and the journey starts again. Wouldn’t it be better if the designer took care of providing the access to alternate characters as you type them?


Long Press jQuery plugin eases the writing of accented and rare characters by allowing users to have a typing experience similar to iOS and Android. Users can focus on a form field and hold a key to display alternate characters. It’s possible to pick a letter by using the mouse wheel, hovering over it with the mouse, or using the arrow keys. Not every Web form will need the plugin, but it might be a good fit if many users will want to use accented characters on your site — of course you’ll have to explain how it works as well. The plugin is released under the MIT license and is available on GitHub. (vf)



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