Awesome CSS3 List Scroll Effects

A collection of CSS3 list scroll effects. This works by applying a future/past class to list items outside of the viewport as you scroll. Based on this class a variety of transforms are transitioned to via CSS.


Learn HTML & CSS in one easy to use guide.

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS is a simple and comprehensive guide dedicated to helping beginners learn HTML and CSS. Outlining the fundamentals, this guide works through all common elements of front-end design and development.

Rotating words with CSS Animations

In this tutorial MARY LOU created another typography effect. The idea is to have some kind of sentence and to rotate a part of it. We’ll be “exchanging” certain words of that sentence using CSS animations.

HTML5 Bookmarks

Want to know what the most recent news is in HTML5 world? Here’s the perfect resource for you. HTML5 Bookmarks is a regularly updated list of bookmarks and articles related to the world of web development and technologies. It’s the one stop shop for all your web resources.


Client-Side Caching For JavaScript

Server caching is useful for quick response times, but sometimes, especially when you are developing a Web application, you migh need to cache objects client-side rather than server-side. Maybe you need to cache something for offline use, or for reuse later.

That’s where locache.js comes in. It’s a JavaScript caching framework for client-side caching in the browser using localStorage. The library has a memcache-similar API, no dependencies and is very small. And the best part: locache gracefully degrades when the browser doesn’t support localStorage. So users with IE6 and IE7 will not get any errors, but as developers say, “caching attempts will be silently dropped and lookups will always appear to be a cache miss.” You can provide an expiration time for cached objects as well. (cc)