HTML5 Element Flowchart

An easy-to-understand HTML5 sectioning element flowchart to help you get to grips with some of the new elements in HTML5.

HTML5 still has quite a few myths and misconceptions which lead one to misuse its technology. New semantic elements introduce a better way to define the content of web pages, yet not all of them are very convenient nor straightforward. Do you know exactly when each element should be used (and when not)? Don’t fear, the Doctor is to the rescue.


Is it The <em>Section</em> Or The <em>Aside</em>? An HTML5 Element Flowchart


HTML5 Doctor has created HTML5 Elements Flowchart to illustrate the correct and semantic way of using the new HTML5 elements, such as aside, section or article. Print it out and hang it on the wall for future reference — it will surely come in handy. (ld)