Advanced and Comprehensive HTML5 Resources

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HTML5 is one of the most talked about topics right now among the design community. HTML5 supports many new features such as : cleaner markup, new semantic elements such as <header>, <nav>, new form objects, canvas element for drawing and much more. These features will make websites more interactive for the user and easier for the web designer to create. Rather than doing a round up post of HTML5 tutorial, we have gathered some very useful articles and resources about the HTML5 features and how it will benefit us.

W3Schools HTML5

Although this  not really advanced but since HTML5 is new W3schools should be your first stop for learning about HTML5. W3Schools includes tutorials and example of the basic tags syntax you need to know.

HTML5 Features: What You Need to Know

Remy Sharp discusses about what HTML5 features we’ll all be using very soon.

HTML5 Quick Feature: Summary and Details

This article informs us  what changes HTML5 will brings to the web and show examples of how it can be used.

The HTML5 CSS Starter Page Series

This a series of 4 article that thoroughly explains about HTML5 and show how to create a HTML5 index page, a form page, a video page that uses the video element and many more HTML5 features. Each of the article in the series are full with examples and details.

HTML 5 Canvas Element Tutorial

Couple of original tutorials that show how to do graphics, games and animation on your website using the HTML5 Canvas Element.

HTML5 Template for Beginners

This article includes a HTML5 template and some useful information on how to create your own template.

Using HTML5 canvas, Drag and Drop and File API to offer The Cure

This is a advanced tutorial how to create a drag and drop area using <canvas> element and then start drawing on it.

The Current State of HTML5 Forms

Wufoo, the online form creation website illustrates which browser supports new HTML5 input types and input attributes.

Using HTML5 Local Storage

HTML5 local storage allows users data to saved on their machine inside their browser. It is like client-side database that makes the interaction between the website and browser easier. This tutorial shows how to use local storage.

HTMl5 Drag and Drop

This is  yet another tutorial about creating HTML5 drag and drop zone.

Awesome HTML5 Dashboard

Awesome HTML5 dashboard is from Mozilla, which has extensive amount examples  and information about cool new features of HTML5.

Information and samples for HTML5

This website is a guide to almost everything you need to understand about HTML5. The great thing about this site it includes example data and code.

HTML5 / IE9 Tutorials and Sample Code

Well better late than never. Dr. Doris Chen who is a developer evangelist at Microsoft, shows couple example of new HTML5 features working in IE9.

HTML5 and CSS3 Without Guilt

Since HTML5 is not widely supported, should we use it or not? This article discusses how to face this dilemma.

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