15 Outstanding Tools to Collect, Organize and Share Your Web Experience

If you’re a blogger, journalist or simply desire more knowledge, you’ve most definitely faced information organization problems. Sometimes being able to access and find information quickly is crucial. Nowadays the web is enormous and it’s a big advantage to have a place where you can store all your bookmarks, pictures and links, access them anytime, anywhere and be able share them quickly. If you’re as lazy as I am you’ve probably got something like a ‘Do it later’ folder in your bookmarks. And then you’re just shoving links there until that list is the length of your screen. Sometimes you’ve got a great idea and you write it down on a notepad for example. Most likely you’d forget about it and never open it again. I’m kind of a pedant and I like when everything is organized neatly and quickly available. It’s especially true with my web experience.

I remember those times when I had to dig through my browser’s history to find an image I wanted to show my friend. Then I started to wonder – is there a tool with which I could save all my bookmarks, organize pictures, write my notes and access it all immediately from multiple devices? After some time and research I came across Zootool. Ever since then I’ve been a die-hard Zootool fan. I use Zootol mainly for collecting images, however when writing this article I found some other outstanding tools with which you can quickly save, and organize, your notes and thoughts. In this article I’ve collected 15 of  the very best tools on the web to collect, capture, organize and brainstorm your bookmarks, images, notes and thoughts.

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