10 ways to make Internet Explorer act like a modern browser

ike many other web developers, I definitely hate Internet Explorer, especially the version 6. At a time where new and powerful techniques as such as HTML5 and CSS3 are emerging, it’s not surprising that IE can’t handle them correctly. Luckily, a few tricks can make your life easier.

Enable HTML5 on IE

Ever heard about HTML5? If you’re interested in web development, there’s no doubt about it. For those who doesn’t know, HTML5 is the next major revision of HTM; the core markup language of the World Wide Web.
Most modern browser can already handle, at least partially, the new HTML5 recommendations. But as Internet Explorer isn’t well known for its sense of innovation, it will simply ignore the markup.

The html5.js is a very interesting project which aim to make Internet Explorer HTML5 compatible. The only thing you have to do is to embed the html5.js script in your html document header. You can hotlink the script, as shown in the example below:

<!--[if IE]>
// <!--[CDATA[src="]]-->http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script>

» Source : http://remysharp.com/2009/01/07/html5-enabling-script/

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Improve Website Design & Increase Conversions

Website conversion rate is a key marker of your site’s success. Apart from other statistic data, conversion shows the actual numbers of visitors who not only stopped by your site but who completed the desired action a purchase, for instance. Therefore, the higher your conversion rate is, the more profit you get. There are numerous ways to improve conversions but in this article we’ll concentrate on those that deal with website design.

Obviously, a good dress is a card of invitation. But it’s crucial to understand what “good” in our case means. The most stunning design may prove absolutely useless if a user gets lost and shuts down the page. Your aim is to make the site easy to navigate so that the visitor has to complete only a few easy steps to make a purchase.

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Best Tutorials to Learn Creating Awesome Navigation Menu Using CSS3


One of the most important elements in every web design is navigation. In terms of usability, navigation menu must be easily for user to access the pertinent information in the website. In terms of appearance, navigation menus have to fit of the design, help visitor navigate the website directly. They know where to get contact form, they know where to find the information of your products or services.

Using CSS3 in build a website we can use many features like JavaScript ,although CSS3 not been supported by some browser. But CSS3 can really increase efficiency in development and web page performance.

In this post we can get learn to create nice look and useful navigation menus using CSS3 from tutorials below.

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Eye-Catching Websites With One-of-a-Kind Navigations For Inspiration

A website is like a magazine where people search for information. The table of contents of a magazine is like the navigation of a website. Table of contents provides an overview of your magazine, while a navigation also shows on what your viewers should expect to see on your website. Both serves as pathways for your viewers on how they can read your mag or explore your website.

Whenever I think of what is the most important task a web designer could do, I always end up thinking that it should be the creation of good navigation. It must be well-designed in a user-friendly manner that the moment the viewer sees it, they instantly understand how it is used and what is it for. A navigation must also be creatively done, it is one of the elements you can find on a website where you can capture a viewer’s attention. Continue reading

Mobile Development Toolkit

Mobile web design has been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, a lot of mobile design guidelines are out of date and focus on low-resolution, non-touchscreen phones. Despite their popularity, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there for designing websites for the new generation of smartphones (iPhone, Android devices, BlackBerry touchscreens, etc.) — these devices are growing more and more popular in Europe and North America.

Below are some fantastic resources for designing not just mobile websites, but smartphone-friendly sites. We’ve covered everything from basics to tutorials to usability. If there are other resources you’ve found useful, please share them in the comments. Continue reading

Lazy Loading Video To Speed Up Your Web Page

in Javascript


When you have a web page containing a video that will not be played until clicked, you can speedup page loading by applying this quick tip which you may have seen on Facebook.

Will wrap the video embed code with HTML comment and place it inside an anchor element that uses a video screenshot as the background image, and when that anchor is clicked will remove the wrapping HTML markup to load the video.  Read More…>

HTML5 Techniques – Ultimate Collection of Tutorials

As my experience we always close to the latest technologies as we have one step ahead on web development techniques as HTML5. HTML 5 is the advanced version of  HTMLHTML 5 is giving  new techniques and advanced features/structure in designing. These new features and tags makes designing very easy to create a web page.

CSS3 and HTML 5 are capable of revolutionizing the way we design websites. Both include so many new features and functions that it can be hard to wrap your head around them at times. HTML5 is giving web designers and developers new capabilities that were things of fantasy with previous versions of HTML. Web pages will now be more semantic with the use of structure specific tags. The inclusion of native support for things like rounded corners and multi-column layouts are just the tip of the ice berg. Continue reading

Be Inspired – Creative Web Interfaces

Here we are, our nineteenth web interface showcase (if you don’t count the special round ups!) Showcasing the latest design trends within the community, this round-up of fresh showcasing e-commerce, blogs and portfolio designs.

We would love to know your feedback on our web interface showcase, how can we can we make them better? What should we not do? Should we have a voting system? Feel free to drop us a tweet with your suggestions or post in the comments below

As always we would love to know which interface is your favourite in the comments.

Please note that clicking on the web interface below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the the rest of the designers full portfolio.