40 New And Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

The Internet is bursting with knowledge. Whatever you want is available at your fingertips, and learning new techniques is so easy with the load of useful tutorials that guide you step by step. Adobe Illustrator is powerful indeed, but when used right, it can perform feats that humans will marvel at! So today, we present a collection of some fresh and useful tutorials for Adobe Illustrator. The tutorials are done by professional artists and go over the techniques covered in detail.

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HTML5 Boilerplate: A Rock-Solid Default for HTML5

Future-proofing a website with HTML5 is one thing, but coding a website so that it works in older browsers adds another layer of complexity. The designer’s life would be made much easier by having a complete base template for building websites in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript that takes intoaccount older browsers and available enhancements.


That’s where HTML5 Boilerplate comes in. It’s a base template for a fast, robust and future-proof site that includes not only files for the HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but also a robots.txt file, .htaccess file and mobile style sheet. It normalizes behavior between browsers — working even in IE6 and IE7 — and handles progressive enhancement for optimum accessibility. It’s also built so that the developer can remove part of it without breaking the whole thing. (cc)

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CSS3 Border-Radius & Rounded Avatars

Originally when I CSSed the round avatars on the DesignSwap comments area, I used the -webkit-mask-image property. I was really proud of how neat and effective this was until I realized you could apply border-radius to an image directly. To achieve a round avatar with a 2px beige border, I applied the following CSS to an avatar loading within a div class called avatar-frame.

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3 Advanced CSS3 Techniques You Should Learn

3 Advanced CSS3 Techniques You Should Learn

If you’re reading this, then I can safely assume that you’ve at least heard of CSS3. The latest version of CSS includes properties that allow you to style your HTML elements with rounded corners, drop shadows, and even color gradients.

However, these techniques just scratch the surface of what CSS3 can really do. In this guide, I am going to be talking about three advanced CSS3 techniques.

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8 CSS preprocessors to speed up development time

CSS allow you to do lots of things, but some features are missing to developers. What about variable, constants, and general faster syntax? As normal CSS can’t do that, people created preprocessors to allow the use of variables on CSS files and then parse it to regular stylesheets.

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The Future of Mobile Development

There was an interesting question posted in the last few week on Answers, discussing a web design topic which is very popular and certainly relevant within the design community. The question was “What Do You Think is the Future of Mobile Development?”. Questions like these deserve to be opened up to a wider readership, so, what do you think?

You can leave your comment below, or you can leave an even better your answer on the original question on Answers: What Do You Think is the Future of Mobile Development?

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Three Resources for Awesome Freebies

Freebies and open source content are some of the best things we can run across as creatives. These help out in a pinch, sometimes are great starts to making a document or design and help save time. Some really great and inspiring things are coming from 365PSD, The League of Movable Type and Iconpaper. These three sites are tremendously different but each is unique and shares some amazing content.

365 PSD


Now, if the name alone “365 PSD” hasn’t got you excited it should… 365PSD makes as you would guess a free PSD everyday for an entire year. The quality of free layered files that are being given away is amazing. There are some pixel perfect icons, navigation buttons and full site layouts as well as full iPhone app layouts. This is a site that is fast becoming a daily stop for many creatives. Whether you use the PSD’s to learn how the pro’s make their files or you just want some extra beef to throw into that new design you should go check out 365psd.com

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I am designing a Logo for My Website. Please let  me know your comments on the logo.

Call to Arms for Web Designers: Make Simplicity the Trend for 2010

When designers talk about web design trends, more often than not, they’re referring to a visual design style such as letterpress or gradients but a trend doesn’t have to be something you see.

So this doesn’t mean you have to resort to using a minimalistic design to achieve simplicity in web design. Far from it. Applying simplicity to your websites or designs can be as simple as removing unnecessary elements or by reducing the steps it takes to complete a specific task.

We live in a world where technology is becoming more and more advanced but the way we interact with it is becoming more and more simple. The current example are touch screens and the impending release of tablet computers. When you look at what touch screens are doing for usability, you realise they are removing any intermediate devices (keyboards and mice) and allowing you to interact with the device directly. A great example of making something easier through simplicity.

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Simulate Realism with CSS3

CSS3 is here to make our lives easier as web designers and developers. While it’s not something we can always rely on heavily for layout purposes just yet, we can use it to enhance certain aspects of our designs by spending a considerably less amount of time doing so.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6599" title="css3realism" src="
http://inspectelement.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/css3realism.jpg" alt="" width="555" height="216"></p>
However, CSS3 has not been created for the sole purpose of making it easier and quicker to create a website but also so we can create much better sites than we ever could with CSS before. Here are a few examples of how CSS3 can improve the web.

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